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Why You Should Ski Whitefish Mountain Resort

I notice a theme as I walk up to Gate 93, at the far end of the B concourse at Denver International Airport. Today two flights are boarding at the same time. One is heading to Whitefish, Mont., the other to Aspen. The two passengers in front of me also boarding for Whitefish are wearing, in order, aK’s Trailer Parts down vest over a plaid shirt, and an Abrahamson Rodeo Co. ranch coat. The folks at the gate next to us, heading to Aspen, seem either to be in Arc’teryx performance wear or earth-toned high fashion.

That sets the tone for my spring trip to Whitefish with my two kids to visit their grandparents, my in-laws. After fighting the crowds at DIA, you can feel the collective stress dissipating upon de-boarding into the ridiculously quiet Glacier International Airport. Following that cue, the 19-mile drive from Glacier up to the resort crushes Utah’s big-marketing play of the 35-mile cruise from the Salt Lake airport’s tarmac to Park City’s slopes.


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