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Travel Crush of the Week: Whitefish, Montana

Welcome to Travel Crush, where our editors pine over places we’ve yet to explore, why they intrigue us so, and what we dream we’d accomplish once we get there. This week, the mountains are calling us to Whitefish, Montana.

For most of my nearly 24 years on this earth, the allure of the northwestern United States has all but eluded me. Mountainous and severe with an eerie air of desertion, sprawling states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana never topped my list. Then I moved to N.Y.C. and, like so many, changed my tune. Unlike Montana, the city doesn’t allow much in the way of disconnectedness (and with it, true relaxation). I believe what they have in those parts is what devout followers of the Dixie Chicks commonly refer to as “wide open spaces.” I want me some of that.


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